Forró Parties Stuttgart

Forró dance parties in Stuttgart

The Forró party scene in Stuttgart is a lively and diverse scene that has developed strongly in recent years. There are a growing number of events in Stuttgart where Forró is danced. These take place in various venues, such as bars, clubs and dance schools. Most parties are open to all, regardless of level or experience in Forró. The Forró party scene in Stuttgart is known for its relaxed atmosphere and friendly interaction. People are open-minded and there is a great tolerance towards different dance styles and cultural backgrounds. Translated with (free version)

Forro Stuttgart Comunity
Forro am Killesberg bei Eliszis Jahrmarktstheater im Holpavilion mit DJ Sebastiao und DJ Ioanni von Forró meu pulsar Forro Partys Stuttgart
Forro-am-Killesberg-Stuttgart-am Tag Forro Partys Stuttgart
Forro-am-Killesberg-Stuttgart-3 in der Dämmerung Forro Tanzpartys Stuttgart

Forró em Flor

Forro Stuttgart Get Together Dj Jefferson Dienstags 21:00 Uhr Forro em Flor Forro Party

Forró do Bossa in Leonberg

Jeden 2. Sonntag in Leonberg vertanstaltet Polyana Araújo eine kleine Forró Party im Boss Brasil Leonberg teilweise auch mit Forró Live-Musik Ab JUNI wrid es einen Einsteigerkurs mit Fábio Reis & Polyana Araújo geben.

Forró-do-Bossa-Leonberg jeden 2. Sonntag im monat mit Schnupperkurs