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To what music is forró danced?

Forró is a popular dance in Brazil, danced mainly in the northeast of the country. The dance has its roots in the folk music of Brazil and is an important part of the culture of this region. Forró is known for its playful and rhythmic movements and requires a lot of energy and coordination.

The music to which Forró is danced is a mixture of different musical styles such as Sertanejo, Baião and Xaxado. The rhythm is fast and driving, which makes the dance an energetic experience.

Traditionally, Forró is accompanied by live bands playing instruments such as accordion, zabumba (a kind of drum) and triangle. These instruments create the typical sound that drives the dance and gets the dancers moving.

Some of the best known Forró artists are Luiz Gonzaga, Jackson do Pandeiro and Dominguinhos. Their music has helped to establish Forró as an important part of Brazilian culture and to make the dance known throughout Brazil.

In recent years, however, forró music has evolved and taken on various influences from other musical styles. For example, there is now also electronic forró music or music with influences from reggae, rock and pop. This more modern Forró music is often called "Forró Universitário" and has found great appeal especially among younger people.

The dance style to this modern Forró music is somewhat different from the traditional Baile de Forró and allows more freedom and movement. Here too, however, dancing is still done closely in pairs and the lively rhythms make for a lot of fun on the dance floor.

In Brazil, there are many events and festivals that specialize in Forró, such as the Forró Festival in Itaúnas and Caruaru. These events attract thousands of dancers from all over the world and offer a unique opportunity to experience the culture and dance of Forró.

In summary, Forró is danced to a mixture of different styles of music that are fast and driving. The dance is an important part of Brazilian culture and is usually accompanied by live bands. If you are a fan of rhythmic and energetic dances, then you should definitely try Forró!

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