Forró Stuttgart

The Forró Community in Stuttgart

Forró Stuttgart - Upcoming Events

The Stuttgart Forró Community offers first-class events with world-renowned dance instructors. Forrózieros from all over Germany travel to Stuttgart to participate in the workshops and parties. The different organizers of these events like Vamos Dancar, Forró comdendê or the Forró Haus provide a great variety of different Forró teachers & styles, Forró bands and locations. We are looking forward to your visit and to dance with you!

Forró Night

27. Januar im Lalotango

Tucano - Forró Festival Calendar 2023

Our esteemed and longtime Forrozeiro Ralf Schneeweiss has created a current calendar for Forró festivals 2023. Here you will find many Forró festivals clearly arranged on one website. We wish you many beautiful dances and experiences at these festivals!

Forró Stuttgart - Tanzparties/social Dance

In Stuttgart, informal Forró dance meetings are held regularly in many different locations. From cozy bars to outdoor dancing, it's all here! The Forró community in Stuttgart is happy about every new dancer and guests from other Forró communities.

Forro Stuttgart Get Together Dj Jefferson Dienstags 21:00 Uhr Forro em Flor Forro Party

Get Together


Schlampazius / Theater La Lune

BY Forro em Floor

Forro im Lux in Esslingen Alle 2 Wochen, mittwochs 19:30-23:00 Uhr Musik von DJ Jeff, SPractica open level 19;30-20:30 Uhr

Forró in the Lux

Alle 2 Wochen, mittwochs 19:30-23 Uhr

Lux, Gastronomy at the Kommunales Kino

Forro am Killesberg bei Eliszis Jahrmarktstheater im Holpavilion mit DJ Sebastiao und DJ Ioanni von Forró meu pulsar Forro Partys Stuttgart

Forró at Killesberg

Eliszis Fairground Theatre

BY Forró meu pulsar & Eliszis Jahrmarkttheater

Forró-do-Bossa-Leonberg jeden 2. Sonntag im monat mit Schnupperkurs

Forró do Bossa in Leonberg

jeden 2. Sonntag

Bossa Brasil Leonberg

BY Polyana Araújo

Forró Stuttgart - dance schools/groups

The dance schools/groups in Stuttgart offer different Forró dance courses with different levels. Mainly the Forró styles Forró Universitário and Forró Roots are taught. The diverse dance instructors promote the variety and creativity of Forro dance styles. So we are happy to have a great variety of dances by a great variety of Forro dancers in Stuttgart.

Forró comdendê

Forro Stuttgart Comunity

Vamos dancar

About Forró Stuttgart

The Forró Community in Stuttgart is a passionate group of over 400 active dancers who meet regularly to dance Forró together. Forró is a Brazilian dance style closely linked to the culture of the Northeast of Brazil and is a mixture of different dance styles such as the Baião or the Xote and was spread by Brazilians in Stuttgart - the Pasqualini brothers as the first city in Germany.

Within the community, Forró parties, Forró workshops and Forró dance classes are offered on a regular basis. Whether you have danced Forró before or are a beginner, the community offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere where everyone is welcome. Members dance in pairs and change dance partners regularly to make new friends and try different dance styles.

The Forró dance scene in Stuttgart is a living example of the power of dance to connect people and build communities. With a growing number of members and a passion for dance, the community is ready to continue sharing and spreading the love of Forró dance.